Thursday, 17 July 2014

Port Pirie & Crystal Brook win the prize!

We're all aware that there is "transferring" work to be done - to clean up our shared database.  Everyone benefits from the work - libraries can present a professional product & can search with certainty, customers only need to place a "hold" on a single bib record, and our courier costs go down when customers stop reserving multiple copies of the same title.

In the month of June people across the network completed 16,976 transfers - which is great. This was a considerable improvement on the previous few months. 

Below is the "league table" for our top five libraries during this period.  Interestingly these libraries have been towards to top in the last few months.  We'd love to see a few new names towards the top of the list in coming months - particularly a few more larger metros??

TOTAL 16976
Pt Pirie & Crystal Brook 2047
Burnside 1676
Enfield 1602
Campbelltown 1467
Brighton 1263

Whether we used a "per FTE" measure or on total numbers there is no doubt that the Port Pirie library service takes the cake - or more correctly the Haigh's chocolates (on their way in the Toll courier box). Here at PLS we thought the Pt Pirie effort was so outstanding that we wanted to publicly recognise their effort & send them a small gift.

Thanks to all who have contributed & please, make the Transferring work a priority whenever you can, as we are beginning to see a difference in the quality of what we're offering.

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  1. As a user I can't wait for these changes to be made. For example there are currently 6 records for the DVD 'Hugo'. Getting these and other titles down to one bib record will be great.