Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Interesting loan stats

Collection HQ has recently published some statistics about non-fiction loans in USA public libraries. This report prompted me to ask staff to extract some statistics about loans across our network since the start of the One Card consortium approach. 

The information below shows the percentage of loans across the 10 major Dewey groups.  The figures cover all items with a Dewey number attached - so Adult and Children's books, DVDs etc. We can divide this data down to the "10's" groups in Dewey if required, or tease out more granular data if required.

I see this as rudimentary data which begins to show us what the system is capable of.  However as we get the time, and access to the new reporting package Analytics I expect that we will all be doing some interesting reviews of our library and/or consortium data to assist us in making collection management decisions.

If anyone has other reports that they want to share I'd be happy to publish these periodically.

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