Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Mobile Circ is coming

As many of you know, SirsiDynix staff are currently travelling around Australia meeting customers and demonstrating new products, or enhancements to existing products.  They were in Adelaide last week & so a group of about 40 staff from a range of libraries got to see the company's latest offerings.

Amongst the products demonstrated was Mobile Circ.  We first saw this product last October when the SD team was in town after the COSA conference in Melbourne. See the report on this here.  At both events libraries have been really excited about the capabilities of Mobile Circ & asked when we can add this product to our suite of options.

Given this ongoing interest from many of our libraries we have decided to purchase it for the consortium.  We are fortunate that we have some credits from the SD BLUEcloud Rewards system which we can put towards the cost of the product. (We also used this program to purchase eResource Central - see here - which we will implement once the last library has joined the consortium.)  What this means is that for a quite small ongoing cost we get to add two key products to our system.

The LMS Systems group has already discussed Mobile Circ & a few libraries have agreed to do some testing of it in coming months.  We're therefore looking to make it available for general release as soon as the test libraries are happy that it works effectively & without glitches on our current configuration.

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