Friday, 30 May 2014

The amazing TROVE

I've added a new blog to "My blog list" on the left hand side margin of this blog.  I should have done it ages ago as I am a total Trove fan.  I think it is one of the truly great contributions that libraries have made to Australian society - for researchers, historians, people curious about their town, family, personal interest or whatever.

The catalyst for adding a link to the Trove blog is a post by Tim Sherratt called The news in a word. Please click through and read about Tim's philosophy and how it gets played out in this example.  This, along with other work by Tim shows that Trove is more than a great portal - it is a platform to build things on - to steal Tim's comment from the blog & various other talks he has done about Trove.

Make sure you look at the output of this "news in a word" project here.

Tim's post shows just how libraries' digital collections are contributing to the digital humanities & will hopefully inspire others to build other interrogation tools / foci to exploit the riches of the NLA collection.  The question is, how many other libraries are also working towards making their collections as accessible and usable?  Hopefully others are not just watching what the National Library is doing with Trove, but striving to follow its example.

You may choose to follow the Trove Blog, or when you visit this site check out the brief updates under the Trove link & visit whenever you see something of interest.  Either way - I hope like me & if you're not already, that you become a Trove fan & spread the word about how great it is & what its potential is!

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  1. Thanks Geoff for alerting us to this site.