Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Updating our progress

Back on 25 February I posted some stats about where we are up to regarding the roll out.  I've been asked to provide an update to these figures, so here they are below.

As of today we have transitioned 80 library services from 62 councils onto the One Card system.  These 62 councils account for 98% of the State's population.

We have 1,030,189 customers and 3,834,341 items showing on the database.  Of course these stats are a little misleading as we know that we have customers with multiple cards, and all of these duplicates are counted.  Likewise, some items will be showing in the database, but will not be available for loan.  These items will be local history items etc.  Since the 25 February update the number of customers has increased by 48,580 and the items in the database have increased by 176,422.

In the earlier post I commented on a forthcoming bib-record de-duplication process, anticipating that we would clean up approximately 100,000 records.  At the time or writing this was our advice, however the process was not as comprehensive as we had hoped, leading to the de-duplication of only 24,000 records.  This was a bit disappointing & points to the fact that we will need to undertake a greater rate of direct staff intervention to clean up our database.  The User Group is working towards a plan which will see a concerted effort across the network to speed up the process.

Some members of the project team are on the road this week to conduct face to face meetings with some of the last libraries which will transition to the system in coming months. 

In the next few weeks (the rest of May & June) we expect to welcome Mannum, Swan Reach, Cambrai and Eudunda to the network.

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