Monday, 28 April 2014

Inter-Library Loan / transit rate fulfilment

As you're aware, part of the PLS team is still in "implementation mode" for the One Card project, however we're also interested in doing some data analysis of how the consortium is performing.  While we haven't had a great amount of time and resources to do this work, some recent analysis of the rate of "hold fulfilment" has been undertaken.  The work was initiated as part of the project which is evaluating how well the project is fulfilling the original business case for the project.  However given the various anecdotes and perceptions around this topic I thought it was useful data to share.  We're still learning how to both gather and then interpret the data that we are getting out of Director's Station, but believe that the information below is accurate.

PLS staff looked at the holds filled and not filled over a 6 month period from October 2013 to March 2014 inclusive.  During this period over 390,000 holds were fulfilled or remained unfilled. 

The graph below shows the "fill rate" for these requests.  It shows us that while only 17% of requests were filled in the 1st month,  44% of requests were filled within 2 months, 67% were filled within 3 months & 85% were filled within 4 months.  These figures will change from time to time, but this 1st set of measures gives us a starting point from which to measure our performance.
From my experience in libraries, being able to fill 67% of all requests within 3 months is a very high success rate. It also gives us some preliminary information when talking to customers about the sorts of waiting times that they can expect - on average at least.  
 We will continue to run these reports from time to time & provide updates on this and other areas of the consortium's performance as we have such information to report.

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