Monday, 7 April 2014

Franklin Harbour goes live

Where is Franklin Harbour I hear you ask.  It is the name of the council which includes the town of Cowell on the Eyre Peninsula where there is a School Community Library. The library joined the consortium on Thursday last week (3 April) but we've held off publicising it as I've waited to get some photos of both Thursday and Friday at the library. 

The "go live" on Thursday was followed by a "twilight day" at the school on Friday.  The school opened at noon and stayed open into the evening to provide parents & the wider community an opportunity to attend and view all of the school's activities.  This provided a perfect opportunity for the Mayor to do an official launch of Cowell joining the rapidly expanding consortium.

Library staff tell me that they slept well on the weekend after the huge amount of work it took their small team to get their library onto the consortium.

The Enterprise site for the library can be found here.

We are now just waiting for Tumby Bay to join & that will mean that all of the Eyre Peninsula will be consortium participants.

Below are a few photos of Thursday & Friday at Cowell.

Staff at Cowell checking out items on the new system
Students using Enterprise for the 1st time

The library is the place to be for young parents

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