Thursday, 20 February 2014

Murray Bridge joins the party

Because we had a relatively longer period over Christmas / New Year where we did not have any libraries go live we've managed to schedule 2 go live sites in 8 days - with Murray Bridge going live today. In fact they went live late yesterday - slightly ahead of schedule.

The Murray Bridge Enterprise site is hereYou will note that their Enterprise iteration includes links to information about library operations such as opening hours etc, as well as links to other content options and a copy of their local library newsletter Amongst the Shelves.  This is featured on the front page using the issuu software, which I really like.

The Murray Bridge Council shares boundaries with five councils, three of whom (Karoonda East Murray, Mt Barker & Alexandrina) are already consortium members.  We're looking forward to filling in more of the map by adding the Mid-Murray and Coorong councils to the network in coming months.

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