Thursday, 13 February 2014

2014 Rollout Starts - Burnside goes live today

Over the last few months the LMS project team and staff in a range of libraries have been working towards the beginning of the 2014 rollout.  Our office has seen evidence of this progress with staff from the various March and April "go live" libraries here over the last few weeks for their training.

All of this "backroom" work is now beginning to reach its end point, with the public go live events for libraries about to commence.  Burnside goes live today, with many other libraries to follow in coming weeks & months. 

Burnside is having a public celebration tomorrow & a few of us from PLS will be there to celebrate with them.  I'll post a few pictures and comments that we'll glean from our visit.  The Burnside Enterprise site can be found here, with its distinctive purple & green - advertising a range of the libraries services - from databases to its online newsletter and PC bookings system embedded in the Enterprise screen - and much else besides. It is worth clicking the buttons just to see what is embedded as part of the Enterprise screen & how these various screens work. 

I was also interested to see that this site has been labelled as a "catalogue" - which of course it is in part.  This is a term we, as library staff don't often use any more, but I am sure it is the term that many customers continue to associate with much of what Enterprise does.

And regarding what comes next; the planned rollout schedule for the rest of the project can be seen here.

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