Thursday, 17 October 2013

Berri Barmera goes live

Today Berri Barmera Library Service joined the One Card network.

You can view their brand new Enterprise page here.

Library Manager Peter Ison and Librarian Merridy Rady prepared some words about their special launch:

Berri Barmera Library Services have hit the ‘GO LIVE’ button today!

Staff have moved into the Symphony swing of things and are celebrating the change over after a long preparation.

With the Berri Library & Information Centre being a three way joint use facility, it has been a rather complex project however we are confident of the enormous benefits it will provide to our customers.

Staff at all sites have worked enthusiastically to meet our deadlines and are all looking forward to celebrating with our community as we introduce them to the One Card system. An official launch is planned for Friday 25th October.

If we get more photos of the launch event on the 25th, we'll post them keep your eye on this post.

Congratulations to everyone at Berri Barmera for their hard work and welcome aboard the One Card network!

L Platers all having fun!
The Berri Barmera team proudly announce their new service to the community

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  1. Hi Pete & team. Great to have you on board. I'm aware of how complex your network is & am delighted that we've been able to accommodate this complexity within our Statewide network. I look forward to your communities enjoying the benefits of the consortium.