Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Library Rotations Hit New Heights

In February Geoff blogged about the significant increase in library material being rotated through the network as a result of the One Card consortium and the impact this is having on libraries and our courier provider Toll.

Since the last post, the amount of items in transit has continued to increase at a rapid rate as more libraries implement the shared system.  A particular peak was experienced in recent weeks when the LINK libraries came on board.   The photos below were taken at the Toll depot a couple of weeks ago and show the volume of tubs being processed each day.

In-bound tubs from metropolitan libraries on a typical day…   

And the additional in-bound tubs received during the July peak period
Toll is working closely with PLS staff to manage the processing of materials in transit, particularly when large numbers of additional pallets arrive unexpectedly at the depot.   When there are very high numbers this creates a backlog which may take Toll some time to work through.  Toll manage this by employing additional sorting staff and scheduling extra work shifts on weekends so that material is not sitting at the depot any longer than necessary.

PLS continues to work with the LMS User Group to manage transit requirements and improve the efficiency of delivery operations where possible.    If you have any feedback or need to report a courier issue, please contact the PLS team on dlplscourier@sa.gov.au.

Marissa King
Manager Business Development - Public Library Services

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