Tuesday, 21 May 2013

SirsiDynix - annual road show in Adelaide

On Friday 10 May, SirsiDynix hosted its annual road show in Adelaide. This was a great opportunity to interact directly with SirisiDynix representatives and obtain a firsthand view of new products and the planned implementation of enhancements.

Highlights included:
The electronic resource management system, ERC promises to make eBooks and other digital content from multiple vendors seamlessly available through Symphony and Horizon ILS systems via the SirsiDynix Enterprise and Portfolio discovery tools. eResource Central is currently in Beta testing and due for release later this month.

The company has a strong focus on mobile devices and demonstrated its Wireless application WAP MobileCirc, which is scheduled to be released in July 2013, and is a new portable client for circulation, inventory, and shelving tasks. It will be released as an Android or iOS app or as a browser-based web app.

Sirsi Dynix is very aware of the funding constraint that libraries are facing and to this end they are developing a demand driven application, whereby a customer can buy a book for the library, be the first to read it and then donate it back to library.

Of particular relevance to the network, SirsiDynix is developing a new product, BLUEcloud MarketPlace. This product is a direct outcome from the visit that Geoff and Jo made late last year to investigate the replacement options for P2. SirsiDynix was so impressed by what we have achieved in South Australia that they are using the P2 model to devise a product that will both meet our local needs and give their customers worldwide the kinds of procurement options that we now take for granted. Along with the development of group transit slips, our network is making a global difference to the products that SirsiDynix develops.

COSA (Customers of SirsiDynix Australasia Inc.)

COSA is an association of libraries and organizations using the Dynix and Horizon Library systems throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim. COSA represents its members on a range of automated library systems and IT related issues, and has links with similar organizations around the world. 

Adelaide has a strong COSA user group coordinated by Dave Slater at Mitcham Library Service.  COSA also hosts and annual conference which this year will be held in Melbourne in October.

COSA’s website is http://www.cosa.asn.au/ and, for regular updates please join the list serve by emailing helen.agoroudis@tafensw.edu.au.

Teresa Brook
Acting Manager
Applications & Network Services
Public Library Services

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