Thursday, 11 April 2013

A promotional video about eBooks for SA Libraries

Jon Bentick of PLS has created a 1 minute video about borrowing eBooks & eAudiobooks from SA Public Libraries.  It resides on You Tube here.

We're thrilled to be able to offer the service to all library users.  Of course we're a little disappointed that the service does not work with Kindles, but this is beyond our control, as there are no eBook lending arrangements for Kindles in Australia.  This is to do with the digital publishing & lending rights which are controlled by Amazon - the owner and maker of Kindles to sort out.

Kindle users in the US can use this service (from a company called Overdrive) & we've purchased it, hopeful that over time the rights issues will be sorted and our service will also include Kindle access.

Having said that - all other devices work on the system. So - better to provide a service for most users than no service at all.

We'll continue to monitor use of the service & continue to add new titles for loan.

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