Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Two years of blogging

I happened to look back over this blog & noted that the 1st post that I did was on 28 March 2011.  Since then this will be the 144th post & we have had over 50,000 page views of the site.

We've covered a great deal about the roll out of the LMS - from the early days before we went to tender right through the selection period and now into the implementation stages - which will continue for about another 18 months.   And we've branched off to talk about e-books, 3-D printers, National Year of Reading, library network issues & other stuff. All up I've enjoyed the conversation & talking about our progress as a network.

While there has been some feedback through direct comments to the blog and in emails to me I'm always up for suggestions of what people would like more information about, or issues you'd like to see discussed here. 

We've got another 18 months of LMS roll out, but PLS & our network is more than a computer system, so I look forward to sharing a variety of stories on a range of activities that our network is up to.

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