Thursday, 21 February 2013

Mt Barker added to the consortium - just

It was Mt Barker's time to go live today, but it wasn't without its hiccups. An IT glitch at Mt Barker just before its final data extraction prevented SirsiDynix from accessing the circulation data ready for the cutover.  This, combined with a public holiday in the US meant we lost several days at a crucial time in the project & gave us a very small window to get all of the process done to meet our deadline today.

But as a result of the hard work & long hours worked by people on both sides of the world we made it - just. I'd like to recognise the work undertaken & thank staff and our partner SirsiDynix who got this conversion over the line in slightly difficult circumstances. 

Mt Barker has a degree of complexity - being a joint use library with the local TAFE campus.  However as the project team has already converted a number of joint use libraries they have taken this part of the project in their stride.  

Mt Barker is a service centre for people in surrounding towns, some of which are in other councils. For those in the north-eastern part of the Alexandrina council this addition will allow them to use both Mt Barker and Strathalbyn libraries with a single card. And those who live close to Mt Barker but are in the Adelaide Hills council this will give them a taste of what is to come to their libraries in June this year. 

Mt Barker decided to put on a "go live" event which was preceded by a large & lively sing-along "rhyme time" for pre-schoolers.  This led to a full and lively crowd there for the event - along with the mayor, councillors, the council CEO, others from council and quite a few members of the public.  The balloons went up and stuck on the ceiling, the amazing blue cake was cut & shared & the celebration was done with minimal fanfare - a real Mt Barker event.

Below are a few photos from today's event.

The project team has been working with staff from Holdfast Bay, Pt Pirie & Pt Augusta and look forward to these libraries joining the network over the next 5 weeks.  The PLS meeting and training rooms have also been full this week, with staff from the far north here for training as they get ready for their addition to the consortium in April.

Rhyme time in full swing

Staff in their "One Card" t-shirts working on the new system

A "1" balloon as part of the display, along with the e-book information about winning an iPad

The beautiful cake

Mt Barker Mayor Ann Ferguson & Library Manager Ian Hildebrand attacking cutting the cake

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