Thursday, 25 October 2012

Much of the South East went live this morning

Another of our existing consortia has gone live this morning, with libraries from the South East Electronic Libraries network coming online as part of the consortium.  These libraries are:
  • Tatiara - Bordertown (Tatiara's other library Keith went live a few weeks ago)
  • Robe
  • Naracoorte Lucindale - Naracoorte has gone live but Lucindale has chosen to wait a while as they have other projects including a library refurbishment currently underway
  • Wattle Range - both Millicent, Penola & several depots and attached schools
This adds a significant area of the State to the consortium. 

Also, it is our 1st conversion of a Civica Spydus database & we've been able to learn from this experience for when we add some other Spydus databases next year.

These libraries worked in off-line mode for 3 weeks, so there was a considerable amount of data to be uploaded & synched.  As with most conversions there are a number of anomalies that will to be resolved in coming days.

We're also looking forward to adding Kingston to the list in 2 weeks time to fill in another part of the South East Map.  We'll then round out the year by adding the City of Adelaide, the Flinders Mobile Library and Roxby Downs.

There will be no new additions from mid December until early February 2013, however that does not mean that the project team will be idle.  While some members take a very well earned break we will also be working on a number of issues.  Some of these include:
  • adding the Libraries Australia Authority file to the system,
  • getting products such as EZProxy to work (allowing database integration)
  • doing another database de-duplication
  • working with the libraries going live in February through May on their various issues - data mapping, training etc.
  • Preparing project plans for libraries beyond May

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