Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Transit Slips working - finally

I've written a few times (here & here) about how important it is for us to get the transit slip issue resolved & the process to work properly.

Well finally we're there!  Today is the day when libraries can scan a barcode on a book or DVD or whatever & if the book is destined for a branch in another library service a transit slip will automatically be printed. This mayn't sound like much - but for staff in libraries who have been hand writing on slips since mid-May this is a real red letter day.

And I do need to say thanks to all the staff who have waited (perhaps impatiently) for this to happen & have kept working to deliver books to customers in other libraries.  Your perseverance has been noted & appreciated.

And as I noted here, this is also the next step along the path of providing all libraries with the ability to reserve items from consortium libraries.  This will not happen immediately, but we can now put our energies into getting this part of the puzzle in place within the next month or so.  There is still some setup to be done, along with training etc.  But it will happen as soon as we can achieve it.

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