Monday, 3 September 2012

Library Thing for Libraries working

Many of you would know about and/or used Library Thing for Libraries.  There is a website explaining how it works here.

A few of the libraries in the One Card consortium had a pre-existing subscription to LTFL that they wanted to continue to access once they'd joined the consortium.  Following some work by PLS staff, local library staff and the Library Thing team we've managed to get it working on the Playford and Alexandrina sites.  Below is a screen dump from Playford with the red circle showing how the Library Thing content is integrated into Enterprise.

The LTFL is more than just another list of reviews - there are a range of other very useful features.  These include a "tag cloud" of words used to describe the book, as well as recommended books that are similar to the one being viewed.

For libraries who have come to rely on LTFL this enhancment will allow you to keep this service going once you join the One Card network if you think that this is a feature that you still need. 

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