Thursday, 30 August 2012

Beautiful new book

I've just been leafing through a beautiful new book about the City of Adelaide which has been produced by Wakefield Press.  It is called City Streets: Progressive Adelaide 75 years on.  The text is by Lance Campbell & the new photos are by Mick Bradley.

I wouldn't normally use this blog to talk about one particular book, but I think this is such a gem.  I think what really struck me about it is that many pages have a set of photos of a particular street as it was in Adelaide's centenary year 1936, and then below this streetscape are photos of the same street in 2010. I could say lots more about it, but seeing is better than reading my views.  So you can see sample pages on the Wakefield Press site here.  I am sure that after you've had a look you'll agree that this is a book that should be included in the collections of most of the public libraries in SA.

Also, I am aware that Wakefield Press is holding a "book fair" at Norwood Town Hall next weekend (7 - 9 September).  You can see a bit more information about the fair here. 

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