Friday, 13 July 2012

Enfield's LMS experience

Enfield is the delivery point for the Port Adelaide Enfield Library Service, so the staff there are seeing the biggest change in their daily work.  They've sent me some photos of these changes & I have included a few of these below.

Here are the black boxes that have arrived to be distributed to the Pt Adelaide Enfield branches to satisfy customer reservations. 

Below is a photo of 4 new customers joining the library - with a "One Card" banner in the background.

The team was really excited about their contribution to the network, so recorded the moment when the 1st book was checked out to be sent on to another library service.

And after a long day sorting boxes to meet customer needs and getting used to Symphony, team members are still smiling!  Note their L plate sign - explaining the changes & asking customers for a little patience as staff adjusted to their new system.

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