Thursday, 10 May 2012

Statewide Enterprise site

While we have been rolling out specific iterations of Enterprise for each library service we are also building a State-wide version as well.  Below is a screenshot of the site.  It can be found here

We're keeping it simple - with some news on the right hand side about who is "on" and who is coming next.  Its a bit difficult to read on screen, but you can make out that Mitcham and Onkaparinga are listed 1st, then a line that says "Soon to com onboard" with the next 6 listed in their correct sequence.

If you click on the arrow to the right of the 1st box - which currently shows a choice of "Everything" you will see that each library will be listed here once it has gone live.

At this stage we are using this site as a bit of a testbed to look at how facets work and what the relationship is between fields in the MARC catalogue records and how they display in Enterprise. But longer term it will also be a good place for libraries & even the public to come and search the State-wide catalogue.  Of course if people use this site they will miss all of the local information that will be on their "home" library site.  But it does have a purpose.

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