Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New LMS Intranet site

We've been aware for some time that while we have been posting a number of LMS documents to the existing public libraries intranet site, they've often been difficult to find.  So we've created a new LMS intranet site with better grouping of all relevant documents & information.

It only went live today, and is obviously not completely populated with all relevant documents that we have produced.  These will be transferred to this site in coming weeks. Also, as new documents are developed they will be posted directly to this site.  We will not be posting any new LMS documents to the existing intranet site.

The site is intended to be a document repository & primary information source, for access by SA public library staff.  Documents posted on the site will be updated from time to time as required.

Below is a picture of the front page of the site,  Each of the coloured buttons on each side open up to documents related to the headings.  Hopefully this will make finding relevant documents much easier.  And of course, if the information you're looking for is not on the site please let us know & we will ensure that they are added to the site.

Access to the site can be made from here.  The login and passwords are the same as you will have been using on the existing intranet site. 

You'll also notice that the site carries a new logo for the SA Public Library network.  Jon Bentick is working on a style guide for this logo & it will be available for all libraries in the near future.

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