Friday, 2 December 2011

Changes in membership of PLSA Executive

At its AGM on Monday PLSA voted in a new Executive Committee.  The new membership list is on the Intranet here.

From a Public Library Services perspective I would like to congratulate those members who have been elected to their new roles, and particularly note and welcome Judi Cameron as the incoming President. I also thank the members of the Committee who have served in the past but are no longer on the Committee. PLS has enjoyed a positive professional relationship with the Committee and this relationship has delivered benefits for all public libraries and their customers.

I would particularly like to pay tribute to Janice Nitschke as outgoing PLSA President.  Janice has undertaken this role for as long as most of us can remember & has been a leader for the profession over this time.  In this role Janice has been instrumental in supporting the growth and strength of the public library network. 

Janice's dedication to the role is legendary.  Her preparedness to give large amounts of time to the profession is a testament to her professionalism and her commitment.  I know that the public library network owes a debt of gratitude to Janice for all that she has done.  I would also note that such commitment can only be achieved with a supportive family and staff.  The time that Janice spent at countless meetings in Adelaide, getting up at 4am to either drive or fly to Adelaide or staying overnight to attend to PLSA business is time away from family and other interests. 

I believe that Janice and her previous committee members have left a really positive legacy which the new committee can build on during 2012.

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