Thursday, 27 October 2011

PLS Standing Committee - new members

The LGA put a call out a few months ago for new members of the PLS Standing Committee.  I'm delighted to announce that the LGA has put forward Louise Mrdjen or Port Lincoln & Sandra Skinner of Playford as new committee members.  I look forward to working with them both in this capacity. 

The PLS Standing Committee is a committee of the Libraries Board which is identified in the Memorandum of Agreement as having a role to advise the Libraries Board on its role in relation to public libraries, including the allocation of grants to councils.  It has also played a role as a sounding board and the incubator for a range of key directions for the public library network.  For me the committee also serves as a really good place to test ideas & utilise the wisdom and different perspectives of people from a range of backgrounds.  I find it an invaluable source of balance and expertise. 

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