Tuesday, 11 October 2011

LMS - moving forward

I've just realised that its been several weeks since I have posted about progress on the LMS project.  

Part of the reason for not posting is because we've been really busy on a number of fronts.

We're currently working on the legal agreements required to ensure the successful implementation of the project.  We're finalising three legal agreements, which are:
  1. the software agreement between the Local Government Corporate Services (LGSC) (who will be the principal for the purposes of software ownership), and the Vendor for the purchase of the software and services.
  2. an agreement which will be signed between participating councils and the LGCS.
  3. an agreement between the Libraries Board and the LGA/LGCS for the operations of the LMS both during the procurement & implementation stages and during the operation of the LMS post the implementation for each council. 

We've also been busy on several other fronts.  We've been working on:
  • finalising the governance & decision making structures, 
  • working with the vendor on understanding the software's capabilities to establish how our consortium will operate, 
  • developing a change management strategy to support libraries,
  • preparing to advertise for a new staff member who will have library system expertise,
  • contracting for external project management resources to support the LMS roll out, 
  • developing our communications strategies, and 
  • working on the ICT requirements to support deployment.

In the interests of brevity I will not comment on all of these sub-projects here, but will comment on each of these aspects in the next few posts. 

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