Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Libraries Board Tour - new Board Chair

I mentioned on 10 October that the Board would be on tour in the Mid-North. Well the tour is over & it has been another very positive trip for Board members. We travelled over 700 Kms and visited 8 libraries in 2 days as well as conducting a Board meeting.

As always we were greeted with wonderful enthusiasm & hospitality, and we got to see ongoing changes in each of the libraries we visited.  And the presentations by library managers about what was happening locally, and what was planned for the future helps the Board to have a sense of what the issues and successes are. Also having an opportunity to catch up with Council staff members, Councillors and school staff (in SCLs) also provides additional information.   Libraries Board members also came home with local produce they purchased which included eggs & olive oil along with a few raffle tickets.  This is a general and additional "thank you" to all who we visited and caught up with. 

We were also informed that James Bruce (current Board member) had been appointed as the incoming Chair of the Board.  As this was James' 1st tour he assiduously took notes and had many insightful questions and comments about various aspects of library operations and policy.  I look forward to working with James in coming years in supporting public libraries and in visiting more libraries on coming tours.  I think the next one is to the Riverland.

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