Thursday, 22 September 2011

Update on Strathalbyn

In my post about Strath last Friday I asked if Jill P had any photos to share. So here are a couple just to whet your appetite.  Jill tells me that there will be some professional ones taken & available at some future time.

As you can see this is a very bold mix of the old and new.  And while this is a real contrast on the outside (which I happen to like) the smooth but interesting transition between the two buildings once inside works really well.  Features like the bluestone walls are highlighted rather than covered up.

Jill has some other great action shots but they are of customers enjoying the library & as there was no consents for publication done I can't publish them here.

As I said last time it really is worth a visit.

As you approach the building you can see the old school, but the new sign, which is mounted in the bluestone of the old building.

This is the modern addition on the back - and you can just see the old building to the right.

Here is a shot from near the entrance, looking through the new part of the building,

and here is a part of the library inside the old building (and the person is staff member Robyn).

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