Wednesday, 17 August 2011

LMS take up rate for this year

We surveyed councils a few weeks ago to ask who had set aside money for participation in the LMS project this financial year.  The response has been quite overwhelming!

We have libraries which serve populations as low as 500 through to over 150,000 who have indicated that they have funds.  In total 22 library services have funds available to participate this year.  And these 22 libraries serve just over 50% of the State's population through a network of 41 branches & a couple of mobiles.

So by this time next year, we're hopeful that this project will connect together communities of over 820,000 people & allow these people to access collections of approximately 2M items!

Of course, while councils have committed funds, they still need to consider whether the final product chosen, and the price for both "buy-in" and ongoing costs will meet their needs before they commit to the project.  But I figure that we are off to a very good start to ensure that the project will be a success.

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