Friday, 19 August 2011

Another milestone – functionality bench-testing complete

Well it’s been another really busy week for the Subject Matter Expert groups and members of the Evaluation Team this week.  We have been functionality bench-testing one LMS product all this week.  Groups of library staff have had hands on access to the LMS to verify its capability and test how well it can achieve all that our technical specification asked of all who responded to our RFP.  Those members of the Evaluation Team who were able to also spent time with the SMEs looking at system functionality.

Thanks to all who have been involved, especially the SME chairs who have led the process really well.  The Evaluation Team is looking forward to getting the reports from the SMEs by next Friday, so that we can consider the next steps.
So where to next?  The Evaluation Team will consider the information provided by the SMEs when they meet on 9 September.  Along with this we are also undertaking referee checks with people in Australia and elsewhere.  Feedback to date has been positive, and has provided us with some specific issues to follow up with the vendor.  A group from the Evaluation Team is about to undertake an interstate site visit to get a clearer picture of the software in operation.  This will involve seeing the software in action, meeting with various staff from managers, through system administrators to front line staff.
All things being equal we are on track to complete our assessments by mid-September, allowing us time to then finalise contracts etc for a proposed signing and announcement in October.

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