Monday, 4 April 2011

Learning by doing

Well they say that much of the web & particularly social media is perpetually beta - i.e. always being tinkered with to improve it & never quite being finished.  And my blogging experience is one such adventure.

This Blog went live on 28 March without me clicking all of the tabs or reading all of the instructions - but hey - it worked (well sort of).  Since then I've gone back & worked out that to allow anyone to comment (& not just registered "followers") I had to uncheck one of the options in the settings.  And if I wanted people to be registered so that they would be automatically notified of a new post I had to add a gadget to the page.

So - I have unchecked the option to limit who can have a say - everyone can now - so feel free.  And I have added a box which allows you to register to receive an update whenever new posts appear. Below the box on the right with all the followers, you can submit your email address & go through a simple registration process & then you will get automatic updates whenever the blog is updated.

This has been an interesting "jump in the deep end" experience for me.  However PLS staff have pointed me to work that they have been doing on Moodle (an online learning and tutorial system) which includes lots of interesting info about using social media and document sharing cloud sites etc.  I will post more about that later.

Enough on the learning stuff.  I will start a new post on the Interim User Group & what they are about to embark on.


  1. Beautiful. I thought it was just me going nuts thinking I had my alerts set correctly but never receiving them. Argghhhh.

  2. Congratulations on your entry into the blogsphere Geoff - great use of the techology to keep everyone in the network informed!